Pune - Maharashtra


Pune also known as Punya Nagari is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra in western India. The great Maratha leader Shivaji grew up in the city and made Pune the capital of the Maratha Empire established in the 17th century. After Shivaji’s death, power of Pune passed to the Peshwa as professional administrators. Under the Peshwas, Pune acquired great political importance and became well known as a centre of learning and culture.

Pune is the administrative capital of Pune district and the eighth most populous metropolitan area in India. Pune is also known as Queen of Deccan and Oxford of the East. Pune is center of Marathi Theatre, education, crafts, culture and art. Pune includes interesting spots like the exquisite Aga Khan’s palace, the marvellous Pataleshwar Cave Temple, to the avian sanctuary of Pashan Lake, the fun filled Splash Mountain Water Park, or the captivating Museum of Arthropod. Pune is known for its educational facilities, having more than a hundred educational institutes and nine universities.

Geography: Pune is located 560m above sea level on the western margin of the Deccan plateau and around 160 km southeast of the state capital. It is situated near the Sahyadri mountain range , which separate it from the Arabian sea. It is a relatively hilly city, with its tallest hill, Vetal Hill, rising to 800m above sea level.

It as one of the historical, romantic and charming cities of the world surrounded with green hills and amazing tourist points. Some major attractions in this city are :



Shaniwar Wada is a royal residence built by the second Peshwa, Bajirao-I Shaniwar Wada in 18th century. Construction of Shaniwar Wada began on 10th of January ...


Agakhan’s Palace

This is a famous landmark in Pune city. Agakhan Palace is known for its architectural excellence spreading on 19-acre land. It is the place where Mahatma Gandh ...


Lal Mahal

Lal Mahal was constructed by Sahaji Bhonsale, Shivaji's father in 1643 A.D. During Bijapur Sultanat, he sent his wife, Jijabai, and his son to the city and got ...