Nagpur - Maharastra


Nagpur is the largest city in central India and the second capital of the state of Maharashtra. The present city was founded in the early 18th century by Bhakt Buland, a Gond prince of the kingdom of Deogad in the Chhindwara district. The name Nagpur built from ‘Nag River’, which is a tributary of the Kanhan River. ‘Nag’ is the Marathi word which means cobra. The river flows through the old city of Nagpur and so the city derived its name from this river, ‘Nag’+’pur’. “Pur” is common suffix given to cities, villages and towns across India.

It is headquarter of Nagpur district and Nagpur division. Nagpur population is 2,420,000. It ranks as 143rd largest urban area in world in terms of population. Nagpur is one of the major industrial cities of Maharashtra. This district is famous for its orange productions. In Nagpur offers the cool environment of Gavilgad Fort, which is 200-300 years old. Lonar Lake is the third largest natural salt-water lake in the world. Marbat and Ramjanam rath yatra are the local festivals

Geography: Nagpur has a mean altitude of 310 meters above sea level. The adjoining districts are Bhandara on the east, Chandrapur on the south, Amravati and Wardha on the west and in the north shares the boundary with Madhya Pradesh.



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