Meghalaya is a small state and its capital is Shillong. It is a hilly strip in the eastern part of the country. About one third of this state is forested. Meghalaya is known for its biodiversity of mammals, birds and plants. This state was established on 21st Jan., 1972. The main tribes of Meghalaya are Jainti, Aaro and Khasi. Meghalaya is the world’s largest matrilineal society. It means that the inheritance in the family is traced through the women. This state receives the highest rainfall in the world and is the home to the wittiest places in the world like Cherrapunjee. The economy of Meghalaya depends upon its agricultural produce and two thirds of the states populations is engaged in agriculture. Agriculture is mostly done by hands and in traditional manner. It is also rich in resources yet to be used like coal and petroleum. Meghalaya is blessed with rich flora and fauna.


Meghalaya is mostly hilly area but has some plains also. It receives the highest rainfall in the world. Meghalaya lies between 20° l’ N and 26° 5’N latitude and 85° 49’E and 92°52’E longitude.


Cherrapunjee: It is a beautiful city just 56 kms from Shillong and is a must see for a person who is visiting Meghalaya. It is known as the wettest place on earth as it rains heavily everyday here.