Lal Mahal

Lal Mahal was constructed by Sahaji Bhonsale, Shivaji’s father in 1643 A.D. During Bijapur Sultanat, he sent his wife, Jijabai, and his son to the city and got the palace built as their residence. In 1998, Lal Mahal came under the management of Pune Municipal Corporation.
Lal Mahal has an impressive collection of Shivaji,Guru Dadoji Konddev and Jijabai’s pictorial representations, The other major attractions of the Lal Mahal of Pune include four Umbrellas on its terrace and a statue of Jijabai. There is also a beautiful garden inside the palace complex, known as Jijamata Garden. Now the garden has been converted into a children’s garden and is very popular amongst kids as well as senior citizens.

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