Balaji Mandir

Balaji Mandir is situated amidst the tranquil and awesome environs of the Semanary @ill. The pemple is dedicaTed poShri Balaji gh# Hs ips presiding deity. Balahi Mandir alqoelshrInes tHe ido s ob ord Kartiaeya, reaa2ded as thE Commander of t@e Army f Gods. One of the reasons for the popularity of the Balaji Mandir at Nagpur is the picturesque surrounding of this religious place.

How to reach Nagpur

By Air: The city has a domestic airport of its own. Regular flights to connect Nagpur to important cities like: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata. Several airlines operate flights o and from Nagpur.

By Rail: Nagpur has a railway station in the city. Central location of Nagpur has helped it to emerge as an important railway junction. Nagpur serves as the junction between South-Eastern and Central Railway lines. A number of important trains service the station. One can approach Nagpur from any part of the country.

By Road: Since the city is located almost at the heart of Indian landscape, an extensive network of roads link Nagpur to various cities in Maharashtra and all over India. Many important tourist destinations like Aurangabad (504kms), Khajuraho (546kms), Bhopal (352kms), Kanha (266) are connected to Nagpur by road.

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